Cynthia Pressman

Associate Partner & Gene Therapy Biosafety Officer (Consultant)

After completing her PhD in Molecular Genetics, Cynthia Pressman moved into Biosafety where she has supported scientific research and discovery in a variety of environments – health care, early start-ups, IBCs for clinical trials and most recently in a biomedical research institute. Cynthia is a Registered Biosafety Professional (RBP) and is excited to be a part of Clinical Biosafety Services as an Associate Partner.

Cynthia enjoys mentoring, horseback riding, yoga and working on her family-owned self-care products business.

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Mission Statement

Our mission and expertise at Clinical Biosafety Services is to provide accelerated, compliant review of gene transfer/gene therapy clinical trials to a convened review of a site-specific Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). We do this by understanding the challenges in the two client relationship of serving an institution and a sponsor.

Our focus is to accelerate the trial, and remove regulatory burden and uncertainty by having our highly trained experts provide friendly, knowledgeable support during the review process. We understand these therapeutics will change medicine, and our service is to bring the trial to enrollment fruition, quickly and compliantly.