Patrick Conley

Director, IBC Operations

Patrick Conley is dedicated biosafety professional and industrial hygienist focused on developing value driven safety programs and services supporting basic research, translational medicine, patient care, and community education. Patrick has a bachelor’s in Microbiology and a master’s degree in Industrial Hygiene, as well as is a certified Biosafety Professional, a licensed Emergency Medical Technician, and a certified Mold Consultant.

Prior to coming to Clinical Biosafety Services, Patrick spent 7 years working on sexually transmitted diseases, invasive diseases, biotoxins, and select agents and toxins and 13 years as a Director within the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center’s Office of Safety and Business Continuity. Through his director’s role, Patrick oversaw UT Southwestern’s institutional biosafety committee, chemical safety committee, select agent and toxin program, biosafety program, chemical safety program, industrial hygiene program, hazardous waste program, and environmental compliance program. Additionally, through his role as the hazmat section chief of the UT Southwestern Environment Care Committee, Patrick managed all hazardous materials and waste programs within the UT Southwestern ambulatory clinics and hospital facilities.

Patrick is a passionate safety educator, training developer, and community speaker who has worked with the S.T.A.R.S Program, UT Southwestern, and the Dallas Independent School District to encourage high school students to enter the fields of science and medicine. He and his family enjoy traveling, hiking, and the outdoor life, especially when it involves mountains, snow, and wildlife.

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Mission Statement

Our mission and expertise at Clinical Biosafety Services is to provide accelerated, compliant review of gene transfer/gene therapy clinical trials to a convened review of a site-specific Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). We do this by understanding the challenges in the two client relationship of serving an institution and a sponsor.

Our focus is to accelerate the trial, and remove regulatory burden and uncertainty by having our highly trained experts provide friendly, knowledgeable support during the review process. We understand these therapeutics will change medicine, and our service is to bring the trial to enrollment fruition, quickly and compliantly.